Kable Lab - People

Primary Investigator: Joe Kable, Ph.D.
Joe Kable is the Baird Term Assistant Professor of Psychology at Penn. Research in his lab is concerned with how people make choices, and the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying decision-making. This work combines approaches from experimental economics, the psychology of judgment and decision-making, and social and cognitive neuroscience.
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Post-doctoral Fellow: Joe McGuire, Ph.D.(CV, website)
Joe's research focuses on how decision makers evaluate the costs of effort and delay. His graduate work, in Matthew Botvinick's lab at Princeton, examined neural mechanisms associated with uncertainty and executive control demands.
Post-doctoral Fellow: Wi Hoon Jung, Ph.D.
Wi Hoon Jung is from South Korea. He received his Ph.D. in an Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience from Seoul National University. His thesis investigated aberrant reward processing in psychiatric populations using fMRI. He is interested in looking at the relationship between decision making and brain function and structure using functional and structural connectivity approaches.
Wi Hoon Jung
Graduate Student: Betty Kim (website)
Betty Kim is from Los Angeles, CA and received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCLA and master’s degree at the UPenn School of Social Policy and Practice (SP2). While at SP2, she investigated the decision-making processes and risk assessments used in the child welfare system. Betty is currently a graduate student in the Psychology Graduate Group at UPenn. Her research is concerned with how people make decisions and what factors affect decision-making, using behavioral and fMRI experiments.
Graduate Student: Marieta Pehlivanova
Marieta received her bachelor's degree in Statistics from American University in Washington, D.C. Prior to Penn, she was a biostatistician supporting research on a variety of medical conditions and treatments. This work, combined with her undergraduate research experience, gave her an appreciation for the philosophical and practical appeal of Bayesian inference. Marieta is interested in developing Bayesian models that elucidate the basic principles of how people learn from a changing environment and use that knowledge to make optimal decisions.
Marieta Pehlivanova
Graduate Student: Trishala Parthasarathi
Trishala Parthasarathi is from Central New Jersey, and received her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Cell Biology & Neuroscience from Rutgers University. She completed her undergraduate thesis using electrophysiology to study approach behavior of rats in a reward-seeking paradigm. Trishala is a graduate student in the Neuroscience Graduate Group at UPenn, and is interested in looking at the behavioral and neural mechanisms of future thinking and its relationship with discount rates. Besides research, Trishala enjoys Indian classical dancing, doing her nails, and eating good food.
Graduate Student: Linda Yu
Linda Yu is from balmy Victoria, BC, Canada and completed her bachelor's degree at McGill University. She is currently a doctoral Psychology student at UPenn. Her research involves contextual effects on economic decision making. She enjoys reading old books and trying new foods.
Graduate Student: Arthur Lee
Arthur (aka Sangil Lee) joined the DIADM project - Differences In Adaptive Decision Making, and is involved in developing tasks. Arthur received his Bachelor's degree at Washington University in St. Louis with a major in Psychology. His honors thesis investigated the effects of symbolic information of the degree of temporal discounting and the magnitude effect.
Arthur Lee
Research Specialist: Rebecca Kazinka
Rebecca Kazinka is from Iowa City, IA. She attended Haverford College in Pennsylvania and received her B.Sc. in Psychology with a concentration in Neural and Behavioral Sciences. Her senior thesis project studied the effects of neonatal pain and environmental enrichment on adult pain sensitivity in mice. Currently, she is studying the neural mechanisms of empathy for pain and its effects on helping behavior with relatives. Outside of research, her interests include music and exploring Philadelphia.
Research Specialist: Mairead McConnell
Mairead is from Pennsauken, New Jersey and received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University. As an undergraduate, her research involved using EEG to study the impacts of language and culture on cognition. Her senior thesis project measured and compared tolerance for ambiguity in monolingual and bilingual individuals. Mairead is currently using fMRI to study the effects of cognitive training programs on the neural processes of decision making as they pertain to maladaptive behaviors. Outside the lab, Mairead's interests include yoga, swimming, and traveling.
Current Undergraduate Independent Study Students:
Darby Breslow
John Paul Hagan

Lab Alumni
Post-doctoral Fellows:

Karin Cox, Ph.D. (2011-2014)
She is currently a Research Scientist in the Psychiatry department at the University of Pittsburgh.
Matthew Nassar, Ph.D. (2012-2013)
He is currently continuing his post-doctoral research at Brown University with Dr. Michael Frank.

Graduate Students:

Dahlia Mukherjee, Ph.D. (2012-2014)
She is currently completing a clinical internship at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, NY.
Nicole Cooper, Ph.D. (2008-2013)
She is currently a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Emily Falk in the Communication Neuroscience lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

Research Specialists:

Annika Hillebrandt (2010-2011): Currently a graduate student in the Organization Behavior/Human Resource Management program at Wilfrid Laurier University
Dan Willard (2011-2012): Currently a psychology PhD student at UT-Austin
Gabe Donnay (2012-2013):
Currently a junior analytics developer with Scopely in Los Angeles
Jessica Stump (2008-2010): Currently a clinical psychology PhD student at Temple University
Stav Atir (2010-2012): Currently a psychology PhD student at Cornell University

Undergraduates and Other Students:

Alli Oakes (2010-2013):
Went on to be an IRTA Post-Bac at NIH
Athena Lem (Fall 2013)
Cindy Kim (2009-2010)
Daniel Santos (Fall 2011): Went on to be a Research Specialist at Georgetown University
Darryl Seligman (Summer 2011)
Elizabeth Thompson (Summer 2011)
Jeff Luery (Spring 2014): Post-Baccalaureate
Jose Robles (Fall 2012)
Justin Reggi (2011-2012): Went on to be a consultant at Blueprint Research in New York
Kathleen Hoe (Fall 2013)
Kelsey Williams (Fall 2014): Current Penn student
Khoi Vo (2009-2012): Went on to be a Research Specialist at Temple University
Lauren Brandes (Spring 2009)
Lina Hashem (2013-2014)
Maggie Covel (2010-2011)
Maggie Merrill (2013-2014)
Nitya Kanuri (Spring 2012)
Oscar Bartra Carreras (2011-2012)
Peter McNally (Summer 2012): Went on to be a Research Specialist at Penn
Qintan (QT) Lin (Spring 2011): Went on to get a Masters in Counseling at Penn
Rochelle Shen (Spring 2014): Current Penn student
Shikha Saxena (Spring 2011): Went on to be a medical student at Penn
Sophie Gindea (Summer 2011)
Sunny Saxena (Fall 2009): Went on to be a consultant at ZS Associates
Teresa Wang (Fall 2010)
Thomas Peterson (Spring 2014): Current Penn student
Yael Burla (2012-2014)
Zeynep Enkavi (2011-2012): Went on to be a PhD student at Stanford University