Welcome to the Thompson-Schill Lab

We are interested in the neural bases of memory and language in humans. Research in our lab mainly focuses on the investigation of semantic memory, which is defined as our memory for knowledge about objects, facts, concepts, and words and their meanings. We are currently concentrating on the role of the frontal lobes in the semantic retrieval of information.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, research in our lab asks how semantic knowledge can be selectively and flexibly retrieved. Illustrated here is increased activity in the left frontal operculum when healthy volunteers were asked to selectively retrieve an object's name among competing alternatives (Kan & Thompson-Schill, 2004).


If you are interested in participating in a study, for pay, please visit experimetrix to view and sign up for available studies.


Lab News

<Back: Nick, Doron, Yune, Dave, Andrew, Jared.  Front: Sharon, Bonnie, Kristina, Nina, Angel, Lisa, Marc..>Lab members for the 2011-2012 academic year.